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Political Cartoon Analysis Pictures & Worksheet

Cartoon Analysis Worksheet


“Feudal System Returns”

Unit 1 – Foundations of US Government, Framing the Constitution

Scarcity, Economics Concept Map, and the Economic Way of  Thinking

SSCG1 Presentation – Various Systems of Government (Video-Screencast)

SSCG2 Presentation – Political philosophies that shaped the development of United States Constitutional Government (Video-Screencast)

Declaration of Independence – Text

Reading of Declaration of Independence – Video

SSCG3 Presentation – Framing and structure of the United States Constitution (Video-Screencast)

SSCG3 Articles of Confederation & Constitution Fill In the Blank Notes

Separation of Powers & Federalists vs Anti-Federalist Worksheets

Unit 1 Vocabulary

Unit 1 Exam Study Guide

Unit 1 Vocabulary Quizlet

Is the US a republic or a democracy? Eugene Volokh article

Is the US a republic or a democracy? Eugene Volokh article assignment

UNIT 2 – The Constitution, Federalism, Local Government, & Elections

US Government Webquest

US Government Webquest (Word Docx)

Unit 2 Assignments & Activities (WORD docx)

Unit 2 Assignments & Activities (PDF)

Unit 2 Quizlet

Unit 2 Resource Articles for Assignments & Activities:

Federal vs State    *   Federalism     *   What are Sanctuary Cities? 

US Government Unit 2 GDP Presentation

US Government Unit 2 GDP Guided Notes


Crash Course – Separation of Powers & Checks & Balances

Crash Course – Federalism

Crash Course – Congressional Elections

iCivics Games

Win The White House         Counties Work

**Optional**Political Affiliation Quiz  – Find out which Political Party or Political Party Ideology you fit most with based on your Social Values and Personal Ethics.

UNIT 3 – Judicial Branch

Judicial Branch Quizlet

Unit Videos

Crash Course Government – Legal System Basics

Crash Course Government – Structure of the Court System

Worksheet – CC Structure of the Court System

Crash Course Government – Supreme Court of the US Procedures

Worksheet – CC Supreme Court of the US Procedures

Crash Course Government – Judicial Review

Crash Course Government – Judicial Decisions

Worksheet – CC Judicial Decisions

List of Landmark Supreme Court Cases

Judicial Branch Power Point

Joe Q. Public goes to S.C.O.T.U.S. – Free Speech Case Scenario

Unit 4 – Executive Branch

Executive Branch PPT Notes

Executive Branch – Foreign Policy Notes

Foreign Policy Article Analysis

Executive Branch – Study Guide

Crash Course –  Bureaucracy Basics

Executive Branch – Current Issue Activity

Unit 5 – Legislative Branch

Congress in  Flash – Notes

Who does what? Class/Group Assignment

What is Congress – video

Schoolhouse Rock – “I’m just a bill.” – video

Issue Legislation Activity

Issue Legislation Activity Bill Template pdf

Issue Legislation Activity Bill Template Word Doc

H.R. 1347 – A.L.E.R.T. Act of 2017 (pdf)

Legislative Branch Quizlet