U.S. History


Spring 2017 – CommonLit Class Sign-Up Link for in-class and homework assignments:

1st Block CLICK HERE

2nd Block CLICK HERE

3rd Block CLICK HERE

UNIT 1: Colonial Era

Powerpoint Presentation – SSUSH1&2 – Colonial America

Unit 1 Guided Notes

13 Colony Map Activity

Unit 1 Vocabulary

Unit 1 Test Study Guide


13 Colony Comparison Packet

13 Colony Comparison Chart

Mayflower Compact

Crash Course #2 Video: When is Thanksgiving? Colonizing America

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY – My T.O.I.S (Topic of Interest & Significance) PPT Project – Extra Credit (Worth a Maximum of 10 points Class Cash. Due no later than midnight January 17, 2017.) IMPORTANT: FOLLOW THE ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS.

US Map Activity

UNIT 2: Revolution to Constitution

PowerPoint Presentation – SSUSH3,4,5: Revolution to Constitution

Picture Analysis: The Boston Massacre – engraving by Paul Revere

Paul Revere:  Boston Massacre & Boston Tea Party (video)

Unit 2 Part 1 Vocabulary

Unit 2 Part 1 Study Guide

Articles of Confederation to U.S. Constitution (SSUSH5) FIB Notes

Separation of Powers Worksheets

Great Compromise Worksheet

Unit 2 Part 2 Vocabulary

Unit 2 Part 2 Study Guide

Bill of Rights “Cube of Liberty” Project

Revolutionary War News Flash Project

America Gets a Constitution (video)

Founding Fathers Unite – Federalist Papers (video)


UNIT 3: Creating a Nation

Jackson – Nationalism – War of 1812 – Reform Presentation

Jackson – Nationalism – War of 1812 – Reform  Guided Notes

SSUSH6 Slides & Presentation

SSUSH7 Slides & Presentation

Unit 3 Vocabulary

Unit 3 Study Guide

Picture Analysis  – Monroe Doctrine Cartoon

Significance Project: Early to Mid 1800’s


UNIT 4: A Divided Nation

Unit Schedule

Unit 4 Vocabulary

SSUSH8 Presentation – Growing North-South Divisions and Westward Expansion

SSUSH9 Presentation – The Civil War

SSUSH10  – Reconstruction

Compromise of 1850 Worksheet

“Who Am I?” Civil War Era Leader Activity

Emancipation Proclamation & Gettysburg Address Transcripts

Analysis: Varying Economic Conditions & Factors in the North and the South from 1860-1900.

Unit 4 Study Guide  – SSUSH8 & SSUSH9 – Nat Turner’s Rebellion through The Civil War

Reconstruction Plan Comparison Graphic Organizer

Reconstruction Quiz Study Guide

Marietta Civil War Cannonball Trail Extra Credit Opportunity

Midterm Study Guide

Reconstruction Amendment Advertisement

Reconstruction Political Cartoon Analysis

UNIT 5: Expansion and Reform

Unit 5 Vocabulary

SSUSH11 Presentation

SSUSH12 Presentation

SSUSH13 Presentation

Ellis Island Web Quest

Unit 5 Study Guide

Up to 10 pts Class Cash Extra Credit Opportunity – Story of Us: “Boom”. Watch episode and complete packet. Due by Monday 3/20/17. 

Link to “Boom”

UNIT 6: Becoming a World Power

Unit 6 Vocabulary

SSUSH14 Presentation

SSUSH15 Presentation

Spanish American War DBQ

Roosevelt Corollary vs Monroe Doctrine Activity

WWI Political Cartoon Analysis

Unit 6 Test Study Guide


UNIT 7: National Crisis

Unit 7 Vocabulary

SSUSH16 Presentation: The Roaring ’20’s

Guided Notes: The Roaring ’20’s

SSUSH17 Presentation: Great Depression

Guided Notes: Great Depression

SSUSH18 Presentation – The New Deal

New Deal Guided Notes

SSUSH19 Presentation WWII

SSUSH19 & WWII Organizer

Unit 7 Test Study Guide

1920’s, 30’s, 40’s Newspaper Submission Extra Credit Opportunity


UNIT 8: Recreating a National Political & Social Identity

Unit 8 Vocabulary

SSUSH20 Presentation – Cold War & Its Impact Internationally

SSUSH21 – Technological Development from 1945 – 1970

SSUSH22 – Civil Rights Movement 1945  – 1970

SSUSH23  – Political Developments in US 1945  – 1970

SSUSH24 – Social Change and Movements of the 1960’s

SSUSH25 – Changes in National Politics Since 1968

Unit 8 Study Guide

U.S. History Timeline Project

Editorial Cartoon Analysis – Constitution / Internet / Internet

Civil Rights Act 1866 vs Civil Rights Act 1964

Supreme Court Decision Question/Activity

Editorial Cartoon Analysis – News Media & Civil Rights

EOC Review (Links will be made live at the end of the semester)

Quizlet Flash Cards

Practice Questions w/ Answers

Practice Test #1

Practice Test #1 Answers & Standard/Domain/Unit Breakdown

Practice Exam 2A

Practice Exam 2A w/ Answers

Practice Exam 2B

Practice Exam 2B w/ Answers



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