Econ EOC Tutoring and Review

Hi all, here is the link for the EOC tutoring on April 28th.  There will be food.  Register if they want a biscuit.  They should report to room 407 by 9am.  If they are going to be late, they can still attend.  Let me know if you need anything.



2018 Prom Court Voting Info

Go to the following link 

The student’s username will be their student ID number and the password is Campbell. (Note! The C in Campbell must be capitalized.)

Students can log in from any computer or device, but once they have voted their account will be locked until our next election.

Voting will begin on Wednesday Feb. 28, 2018 at 8:00 AM and will run until 3:00PM. The link will be deactivated on Feb. 28, 2018 at 3:00pm. 

The Prom Court finalists will be announced on Thursday, March 1 at the end of the day.

We will complete a 2nd round of votes for the Queen/King (Senior Class) Prince/Princesses (Junior Class) during lunch from March 12-14.

Additionally, please remind students that March 14th will be the LAST DAY FOR STUDENTS TO PAY FOR PROM TICKETS.

Coach Searcy’s Past Due Assignment Acceptance Conditions and Policy – Posted Dec 12, 2017

Coach Searcy’s Past Due Assignment Acceptance Conditions and Policy

Well, the semester is quickly coming to an end. And, as usual, there is the panic and terror that accompanies the realization that too many assignments were opted out of in lieu of something more desirable. In other words, the opportunity cost associated with completing the assignments and getting them turned in won out…leaving the completion and on-time submission of assignments as the opportunity cost.

The communication began before Thanksgiving Break that any and all assignments could be turned in, to include past due assignments, up until Friday December 8, at midnight. After that, they would not be accepted. A large percentage of the students from the three classes completed all of the assignments and submitted them. Remember, essentially all of the assignment were due weeks, some even months, before Dec 8. Therefore, the fact that there was an early dismissal on Friday does not factor significantly into the situation. Nevertheless, I want all of my students to succeed. That is precisely why I extended consideration beyond the initially assigned due date.

Despite the extended acceptance date, there are students that chose not to complete the assignments from the semester and submit them on or before midnight on December 8, but are requesting to turn them in after the fact. I understand grace, perhaps more than you think I do. I also understand the importance of due dates. Therefore…

I would like to make an exception and allow for any work not submitted on December 8 to be submitted no later than 3:30pm Friday December 15,


  • The Maximum Amount of Credit for the assignment turned in after Dec 8th is 50% of the grade that would be given for the work submitted, UNLESS…the following condition is met:
    • A FIVE (5) paragraph minimum paper (typed/Word Doc preferred but a legible handwritten paper will do just fine), explaining why additional consideration should be extended beyond what was already provided as well as explaining what desire or desires made the on-time completion and submission of the assignments an opportunity cost…and why”, must accompany the assignment submissions. By the way, saying that “because I want to graduate” is the why I should extend more consideration, my response will be, “Perhaps it wasn’t that important as it didn’t influence you to get the assignments in on time in the first place.” So…make a good and compelling argument as to why I should give you a full credit extension.
      • Assignments turned in on or before the 13th will receive 50% credit for the work submitted until the paper is turned in, I read it, and then, based on the paper, I determine whether consideration should be extended. At that point, the additional 50% of the grade will be entered into Synergy.
      •  Assignments without the paper, to include online assignments completed after midnight on December 8, will receive 50% credit for the work submitted. This is excluding the International Economics Study Island Assignments. I will extend the receipt of full credit if they are completed by Midnight, Wednesday December 13. (NOTE: With regards to the work done online, Study Island and EVERFI, there are time stamps that are generated when the assignment is completed.) After the 13th, 50% credit earned based on the work completed will be given unless accompanied by a paper.

Those are the conditions. I hope you will accept them.









FALL 2017 Economics EOC

It’s upon us…the EOC!!!

Don’t worry…it’s all good. You’re ready!

The Economics EOC for the Fall semester will be Monday (12/11) and Tuesday (12/12).



There are a number of EOC review resources on the Econ page, linked to the left.

If you’d like tutoring on Saturday 12/9 from 9am-Noon, click HERE to register.

Good Luck!!


Senior Stuff

See below for Senior Info

Senior Class Meeting: Thursday August 24th at 7:45am & 3:45pm in room 404.

Senior Class Dues – $50. Includes: short sleeve shirt, hoodie, and senior week activities. If 300 people pay their dues, you will also receive a long sleeve shirt.

Senior Class Trip Fundraiser – Monday-Wednesday Aug 21-23 – Selling Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. To sign up for the fundraiser, go to or sign up in room 404.

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