World Lit Students:  Remember, you have six (6) Dialectical Journal Entries from “The Copper Sun” that are due 2 weeks from today – February 11th. The PDF’s of the book are on your World Lit page as well as the submission forms in both Word and PDF. Jump over to your page and you will find all that you need. Also, make sure to read “On the Rainy River”, also linked on your page. We will discussing moral courage as well as getting ready for your argumentative essays.

AP Comparative Government Students:  As we talked about, we are going to hit a country each week over the next 6 weeks, culminating with the group projects and individual assignments. The schedule is on your page.

The rest of the semester is going to be great!   See you guys in class!


Mr Searcy


This week – Jan 26-30

World Lit: We are focusing on moral courage. And of course, I want to look for it in places and literature that is as interesting as possible. So, in lieu of reading Tolkien’s incredible classic, we are watching Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring and looking for examples of moral courage exhibited by the characters. The examples won’t be hard to find!

AP Comparative Govt: Thank you guys for great conversation and discussion last week. However, I saw clearly that some tools, related to information and how it is viewed, used, etc…, would be very helpful. My job is to help fill your toolboxes. We will talk about the 3 P’s of Information. Additionally, we will be discussing the group and individual projects for the semester. It’s going to be a great week!

Happening This Week: 

Jan 29 – Open House. 7pm

World Lit Creation and Flood Stories are loaded and ready to go!

Hey, 1st & 2nd Block World Lit classes, the readings for the assignment due at the end of class Tuesday are loaded and ready to go. Go the the World Literature page found in the left side navigation. You will find the pdf’s linked under the heading “Readings” on the World Lit page. Have a great MLK Holiday Weekend. See you Tuesday!

Mr Searcy

Hello & Good bye

Welcome to the humble spot on the web for Mr. Searcy…the teacher.

To the 3rd block World Lit class…you guys rock! I truly thank you for your hard work and enjoyed the time with you. Make sure to take care of Ms. McVan. Keep up the good work and continue to be the awesome students…and young men and women…you are. Swing  by and say hello from time to time and keep me posted on how things are going for you. Starting 1/20, your class will be in Room 215.

1st & 2nd Block World Lit – check the links to the left. Your reading, assignments, videos, and other information are there. I will continue to add resources and other materials. Visit often.

Hello to the IB AP Government classes! Welcome! I look forward to meeting you on the 20th and 21st. We are going to have a great semester. Ms. Rochelin is an absolute SUPERSTAR! I will do my best to maintain the incredibly high standard she has set.

Have a great extended weekend. See you on the 20th!


Mr Searcy