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Study Island       Login: first.last@chs      Password: lunch number

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Remind codes: 1st: evongo – 2nd: bbd42g – 3rd: econgov3rd

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Google Classroom: login with account –        Class Codes: 1st – 6c15kp  * 2nd – rf8ddk3  * 3rd – 3na519

EVERFI Financial Literacy Instructions

Coach Searcy’s Class YouTube Channel    Recommendation: Watch ALL Crash Course Economics Videos. Way too many Economics analogies to show the benefits. Bottom Line: You’ll be really glad you did.

Nearpod – Enter FULL NAME when accessing Nearpod Assignment



Prentice Hall Economics: Principles in Action Online Textbook (Note: You will need to install and/or enable Flash Player. If you get an error message try another browser or just Google “prentice hall econ online”)


Economics Concept Chart/Worksheet Blank Form

Economic Concept Chart Presentation

Econ Standards 1-4 Vocabulary and Word Bank

Economics Today & Tomorrow Student Workbook

Unit 1

Scarcity, Economics Concept Map, and the Economic Way of  Thinking

Economic Fundamentals Unit 1 Presentation and Notes

Intro to Economics – Crash Course Video 

Scarcity and Exchange- EconMovies #1: Star Wars

Crash Course Economics Video – Specialization and Trade

Crash Course Video – Economic Systems

Broad Social Goals Guided Notes

Economic Systems guided Notes

Production Possibilities Graphs Guided Notes

Fundamentals of Economics Study Guide

What Economics is all about. Fundamentals Resource, Worksheets, Study Guide

Economic Cartoon Analysis – Unit 1 – Small Business Pockets

Unit 2

Coach Searcy Circular Flow Diagram Intro & Discussion

Circular Flow Fill In The Blank & Practice Supply/Demand Graphs

Circular Flow Infographic Assignment: Infographic  /  Worksheet

Microeconomics Presentation and Notes

Microeconomics Guided Notes

Circular Flow Reading Assignment

State/Local Policy Analysis Assignment

Crash Course Economics Video – Supply and Demand

Microeconomics Study Guide

Crash Course Economics Video – Fiscal Policy & Stimulus

Demand and Supply – EconMovies #4 – Indiana Jones

Types of Market Structures Worksheet

AC/DC Leadership – Everything You Need to Know About Microeconomics – video

Khan Academy – Microeconomics

Unit 3

EVERFI Financial Literacy Class Code Information –                    1st – ebf0abaa *  2nd – 3422b914 * 4th – 376a4d84                            Registration Link        Click for Registration Instructions

More EVERFI Instructions

Financial Literacy Overview Video

Financial Literacy Glossary and Word Bank

Khan Academy – Personal Finance

Kahoot EVERFI Review Questions & Answers

Unit 4

Crash Course Economics Video – Macroeconomics

Crash Course Economics – Monetary Policy

Crash Course Economics Video – Fiscal Policy

Class Presentation & Lecture Notes

Guided Notes – Macroeconomics Section 1

Guided Notes – Inflation & CPI

Guided Notes – Unemployment

Guided Notes – Business Cycle

Macroeconomics Study Guide 

Khan Academy – Macroeconomics

Everything You Need to Know – AP Macroeconomics – AC/DC Leadership (video)

Measuring the Economy – Video from GA Dept of Ed

Macroeconomics Word Bank

CPI & Inflation Activity & Worksheets

Build My Cycle Activity & Extra Credit Opportunity

Atlanta Federal Fiscal & Monetary Policy Infographic Worksheet

Atlanta Federal Reserve Fiscal & Monetary Policy Info-Graphic 

Unit 5

International Economics Study Guide 

EOC Review

GA Dept of Ed Econ EOC Review Test

GA Dept of Ed Econ EOC Review Test Key & Explanations

EOC Review

EOC Study Guide

EOC Review Quizlet

EOC Practice Questions

Georgia Council on Economic Education Test Prep App available in Apple App Store & Google Play Store

Additional Resources

How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio

Foundation for Economic Education – “Economics in One Day” FREE Course

Foundation for Economic Education – ” Economic Principles: Cooperation & Prosperity” FREE Course

Foundation for Economic Education – “What is Entrepreneurship? Module 1” FREE Course