IB AP Comparative Government and Politics


Spring 2014-2015


Comparative Government Class Framework

Comparative Government Presentation



“A” DayGroup 1 (Iran): Mehta, Zhuo, Bahn ; Group 2 (Nigeria): Ralling, Topp, Agbim, Whatley; Group 3 (China): Taylor, Deering, Esmail, Kalvakaalva, Pulgarin ; Group 4 (United Kingdom): Chennur, Patel, Parish, Timblin, Tillman, Ross, SmithGroup 5 (Russia): Turner, Cooper, Bonifay;  Group 6 (Mexico): Ilieva, Hardnett, Alem, Martinez

 “B” Day  Group 1 (Iran): Bradley, Callahan, Minnick, Nelson; Group 2 (Nigeria): Henry, Jones, Martin, McCaskill; Group 3 (China): Alonso, Hibbard, Janse Van Rensburg; Group 4 (United Kingdom): Chen, Lalani, Prabhu, Saldanha, Woo; Group 5 (Russia): Allison, Gutema, Patel;  Group 6 (Mexico): Aldama, Allen, Chen, Washington


Project Framework & Instructions:

Country Analysis and Assertion Project – Group

Country Analysis and Assertion Response – Individual – The Group Project Presentations and Assertions are linked to the Group Country in the appropriate class.

S.W.O.T. Analysis Worksheets (Word Docs)







Feb 2 – 6: Iran

Feb 9-13: China

Feb 16-20: Nigeria

Feb 23-27: United Kingdom

Mar 2-6: Russia

Mar 9-13: Mexico

Mar 16-27: Group Projects

Mar 26, 27: Group Presentations

Apr 13-24: Individual Assignments

Apr 23, 24: Individual Assignments Due


Country Resource Links

BBC World News

Aneki.com – Country Camparisons

Georgia Virtual School – AP Comparative Government

Library of Congress Country Profiles


Other Resources

Mr Searcy’s “3 P’s of Information”


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